What is the Westfield FFA Cup?

The Westfield FFA Cup is a national knockout tournament run by Football Federation Australia in conjunction with every State and Territory Member Federation in the country.

The competition commences with the Preliminary Rounds before moving into the Final Rounds (from the Round of 32 onwards), the stage when the 10 Hyundai A-League clubs join the fray.

Each and every cup tie must be decided on the day, with extra time and penalties to decide results of matches drawn after 90 minutes.

2017 saw a new record of Westfield FFA Cup entrants, with 721 clubs around the country competing in the Preliminary Rounds. This total will increase to 732 clubs with the inclusion of the ten Hyundai A-League clubs and the reigning PlayStation 4 NPL Champions of Australia, who receive automatic entry to the Round of 32.