FFA Cup 2018 Goal of the Year

The #MagicOfTheCup is special, and in 2018 we are launching an FFA Cup Goal of the Year award to promote the quality of our great competition - from the very first game. 

Every goal filmed on camera, from the Preliminary Rounds to the Semi-Final, is eligible to win the FFA Cup 2018 Goal of the Year.

And in the Preliminary Rounds we are opening the submissions up to you, the fans. 

You can submit your favourite goal to go into the voting rounds by uploading a video and sending it to our official page via Facebook.

A panel will select the 10 best goals from the Preliminary Rounds and then the voting will begin, with the three goals with the highest votes going into a final round of voting. 

Then at the end of each round, from the Round of 32 to the Semi-Finals, the fans will vote for their best goals that will then go into the final round of voting. 

The final round of voting will consist of:
Preliminary Rounds - Best 3 goals
Round of 32 - Best 3 goals
Round of 16 - Best 2 goals
Quarter-finals - Best goal
Semi-finals - Best goal

Stay tuned here for further updates & dates.