FFA Cup 2017: game-day playlists

Football and music. Ask any player and they’ll more than likely tell you that listening to music plays a big part in their pre-match preparation.

So what do some of the players involved in the 2017 Westfield FFA Cup like to listen to?

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We caught up with some of the participants ahead of the Round of 32 to find out what’s on their playlist.

Daine Merrin - Hills United Brumbies

“I’ve got a very mixed taste. It’s gangster rap, then it goes electric dance music and then also throw in some reggae if I feel like chilling out a bit.

“Maybe a bit of grunge and solid rock. I mix it up, anything that gets my heart going.”

Adam Piddick - Moreton Bay Jets

“It’s all rap these days with the young fellas which is a bit different.

“But after the game and after we’ve sung the team song, we always play ‘Horses’ by Daryl Braithwaite. The boys love that, get around that and have a bit of a sing.”

Chad Taylor - Bankstown Berries

“It’s old rock. Rolling stones, a bit of INXS. I’m one of the older boys so the younger ones probably wouldn’t even know who that is.

Bankstown Berries keeper Chad Taylor.

“I just belt it out and sing along.

“I was in charge of the music in the changeroom for one game but I was banned after that. There were too many opinions on the type of music so they banned me. I think we lost as well so that didn’t help.”

Jamie Carroll - FNQ Heat

“I’m into Tupac and a bit of Biggie Smalls. I like the old gangster rap.

“And I’m generally in charge of the music in the change room as well but I just play what most of the boys enjoy.”

Jimmy Culligan - Darwin Rovers

“One of our boys brings a speaker. I’m not sure you would call it a playlist as such…to me it just sounds like the same crap every week.

“It’s a bit of dance music, I’m not really sure what you would call it but it’s definitely not my favourite stuff.

“It’s good just to have a bit of background noise, it just relaxes everybody and gets them comfortable before the game.”

Josh Piddington - Broadmeadow Magic

“It’s quite different to what you would normally hear. A little bit of Parkway Drive, a little bit of hard core soul music as well which is good.”

Jordan Murdoch - Gold Coast City

“Game day music is done by Jacob Boutoubia and Nikola Mirkovic.

“It’s a bit of different stuff, they look after everyone. From old school stuff and then we do have a song that we sing after every game. It’s Robbie Williams’ ‘Angels’.

“Every game we win that’s the song we sing after the team song.”

Andrew Nabbout – Newcastle Jets

“I actually listen more to a lot of motivational speeches and videos than music.

“But there’s always music in the change room. Last year we had a couple of boys stamp themselves as DJ’s. It was nothing specific but as long as there’s something in there for everyone to listen to and relax.

“I think music in the changeroom before the game is relaxing, it gets your mind off it a little but because a lot of the time you’re hyped up too much before the game and you burn out before kick-off.”

Nick Hegarty – Hume City

“At the moment I’m more addicted to Netflix than listening to too much music. I’m catching up on the last season of House of Cards which is pretty good. And I just finished watching Blacklist which is good as well.

Nick Hegarty (Hume City)

“But in the changeroom Blair Govan and Dillon Jakupi, they are the ones in charge of the music. And it can really fluctuate depending on the mood.”