FFA Cup keeper: from boardroom to bootroom

Marconi Stallions keeper Chad Taylor spends his days as a top sales executive. But on July 27, he’ll have a chance to sell his goalkeeping skills to a national audience when Fox Sports broadcast the opening round of the Westfield FFA Cup Round of 32.

Marconi, from the NSW NPL 2, are one of the 32 clubs dreaming of Cup glory on the opening night of the Westfield FFA Cup action on July 27.

The Stallions will make the midweek trip to the western suburbs of Melbourne as Hume City host the Stallions at the ABD Stadium.

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City are rightly favourites but Taylor believes Marconi’s trio of experienced big names could make it a fairytale win for the former NSL winners against last season’s fairytale Cup side Hume.

“With Sean Rooney and ‘Pav’ [Mirjan Pavlovic] having played in the A-League and in India plus Marko Jesic – all have been great for the club and with us being in NPL 2 we really want to get back into NPL 1.

“So dropping down to NPL 2 has been disappointing for the club but to be in the Westfield FFA Cup Round of 32 is great for the club but also for those three boys to showcase their quality as ex A-League players,” Taylor, 33, told www.theffacup.com.au.

Taylor, who works in football helping sell digital advertising space across the FFA sites, will have his new baby Ruth and wife Joanne watching on from Sydney.  

“I’m super-excited. My wife and family will be watching on Fox Sports. And my wife is super supportive and she’s been very flexible with me and my football commitments.

“I’ve been lucky in that regard.

“Though I wasn’t lucky enough to have made it as a professional but for me this is probably the closest I’ll come to a professional environment, by travelling with the squad, preparing for the game like the pros would.

“I’m quite excited by it all and I’ll definitely try to have the game recorded so my daughter can see in years to come.”

Taylor’s story is similar to many semi-pro footballers. Long days that can start around 5-6am and may not finish till 10-11pm when they get back from training. And there are many long days with the keeper working in the Sydney CBD at Perform Sports Media before trekking across the city to train with the Stallions at Bossley Park. 

“It’s tough juggling work full time and football – particularly with the midweek games and in this case a trip to Victoria midweek.

“So it’ll mean a couple of days off work. And my boss Wade is flexible, but also quite strict so maybe I’ll have to take these days as annual leave!”