First draw conducted in Tassie

The first step on the road to the Westfield FFA Cup Round of 32 has been set with the first round of the 2017 Statewide Lakoseljac Cup officially drawn.

The action will kick off on Monday 13 March with four games set to be played.

As there are 20 teams who have entered the 2017 Lakoseljac Cup this season, eight teams are required to play in the opening round, with 12 teams given a bye to go straight through to the newxt round. The seeding for the byes was based on ladder positions in the 2016 season, with the PlayStation 4 NPL sides and highest ranked Championship sides all given the bye.

The winners in opening round will then take their place in the next round which is scheduled for Monday 17 April.

The first of the four games pits Northern Championship rivals Riverside against Ulverstone at Windsor Park, while the other Northern Championship side, Launceston United, will travel down south to take on Metro at North Chigwell.

The other two games are all southern affairs as Taroona host Nelson at Kelvedon Park and Hobart Utd meet New Town at the Gunn Oval.

The eventual winner of the Lakoseljac Cup will take Tasmania’s slot in the 2017 Westfield FFA Cup, where they will look to mirror Devonport’s success last year after they became the first Tasmanian team to win a match in the Final Rounds of the competition.

Lakoseljac Cup (Westfield FFA Cup Preliminary Round 3)

Riverside v Ulverstone, Windsor Park, 2:00PM

Metro v Launceston United, North Chigwell, 2:00PM

Taroona v Nelson, Kelvedon Park, 2:00PM

Hobart Utd v New Town, Gunn Oval, 2:00PM