The story behind the Westfield FFA Cup trophy design

One of Alex Brosque or Isaías will thrust the Westfield FFA Cup into the Sydney sky on Tuesday November 21.

Sydney FC and Adelaide United wil vie to become the fourth winners of this now iconic trophy.

But how did the design come about and how was it made?

The design of the trophy was inspired by the old Australia Cup trophy.

“We decided to base it on the Australia Cup but put our own new interpretation on it,” D3 Design's Clive Solari told

“We pulled some of the features out of it, added some new ones and cleaned it up a bit so it wasn't quite as ornate.

“I was a little influenced by the EPL trophy which is really modern and I think is fabulous trophy but we didn't go quite as far as that by putting crowns and lions all over it.

“If there was any inspiration from big trophies it would be the EPL but not directly; the real influence came from the Australia Cup,” said Solari.

FFA Cup trophy


The design process took around six weeks before the parts were ordered.

These were mainly made in China, before being shipped back to Australia and assembled by respected Sydney trophy company WJ Sanders.

“It's made from brass, was machined from solid lumps of brass in sections and then silver-soldered together,” Solari explained.

“Then it's gold and silver plated.

“Its proper 24 carat-gold and then sterling silver plate over the top of brass.

“We’re very pleased with the end result,” he added.

Solari's company also designed the Hyundai A-League, Westfield W-League and NPL Champions silverware and he estimates the trophy is valued at around $25,000.

But for every Australian football club – and in particular Adelaide United and Sydney FC – the chance to get their hands on it is priceless.

Tarek Elrich