Westfield FFA Cup 2017: game-day preparation

How do some of the Westfield FFA Cup stars like to prepare for a big game? We asked nine who will be involved in the Round of 32 to find out.

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Who likes to get a sleep in? What’s their match-day meal like?

With the opening night just a few sleeps away, we find out how these guys are going to prepare on match day before the big game.

Chad Taylor - Bankstown Berries

“I’m very ritualistic. I’m always up early, go for a walk, get a big brekky and read a book.

“I like to read something inspirational like an autobiography. Right now I’m reading ‘Leading’ by Sir Alex Ferguson. I’ve also read Mike Tyson’s autobiography, Niki Lauder.

“I just have a read, have a coffee. That’s the only time I really have time to read. Just a bit of a relax, slowly pack the bag, polish the boots, have a nap, a bit of mental rehearsal and head to the game.”

Bankstown Berries keeper Chad Taylor.

Jamie Carroll - FNQ Heat

“My grandmother and my mum make pasta for every single home game and they’ve been doing it for the last eight years.

“I go to them and when we go to Brisbane [for away games] I order pasta for everyone from the deli. You have to make sure we get our carbs before we play. I eat it at 3pm every Saturday.”

Josh Piddington - Broadmeadow Magic

“I’m just particular with a few little things. I put my left sock on first, my right boot on first.

“I like listening to music an hour before and do all me pre-hab stuff. I’m particular with all those sorts of things.

“Other than that I just like to be in the sheds with the boys, a bit of banter to create some positive vibes.

The Westfield FFA Cup trophy.

Jimmy Culligan - Darwin Rovers

“I’m basically just trying to decide on the team, who’s going to be in the 16. Working out what formation to play against the opposition then just to get the boys drilled.

“I’m a little bit superstitious but not that extreme. I know a couple of the boys like to cut their socks in half and funny little things like that but not me.”

Jordan Murdoch - Gold Coast City

“I coach little kids in the morning so I’m out early then try and get home and have a couple of hours’ sleep.

“Then I try and stretch the legs, maybe get out and watch the U-20’s game before us and then in game mood from there.

Daine Merrin - Hills United Brumbies

“I’m just listening to my gangster rap and drinking my Red Bull on the way over to get me pumped up. I’ve got an hour drive.

“Then I just tend to have a lot of fun, giggle a lot and not get too serious until the whistle goes. The guys know it looks like I don’t focus until the last minute but I don’t mind it that way.

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“As long as I have a nice big meal and a couple of bananas I’m all good. And I definitely go for a surf, I try not to surf for too long because it fatigues but I like to surf or at least get in the ocean before a game.”

Nick Hegarty on the ball for Hume City against Melbourne Victory.

Nick Hegarty – Hume City

“I eat pasta at 9am on match days. Just pasta and chicken first thing in the morning, even if I’m playing at night.

“It’s something I’ve always done. Then generally I try and play on an empty stomach.

“Other than that nothing too crazy. I don’t do anything on match day really, just sit on the couch and try to do nothing.”

Adam Piddick - Moreton Bay Jets

“Myself and the coaching staff we always go have a coffee first around the corner at the local Coffee Club just to go over a couple of things and make sure we’re prepared and ready to go.”

Andrew Nabbout - Newcastle Jets

“I just go for a walk and stretch. I’m not much of a sleeper during the day like some other boys.

“I’m not superstitious, it’s just procedure stuff I go through. I stretch a lot and just relax. That’s the main thing for me, a lot of the boys get agitated and maybe pump themselves up too much before the game but I just like to mellow out.

“I eat muesli just to get sugar levels up and then pasta for lunch.”