Westfield FFA Cup Round of 32: MD1 Preview

The Australian football spotlight will turn to the Westfield FFA Cup Round of 32 tomorrow night (Wednesday 26 July 2017) as eight aspiring Member Federation clubs dream of continuing a magical Cup.

The night’s headline match, which will be broadcast LIVE on FOX SPORTS (Channel 505), features proud former NSL club South Melbourne hosting Edgeworth Eagles, the Northern NSW outfit competing in the Round of 32 for the third straight year, at Lakeside Stadium.

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It will also be a special night for two clubs from New South Wales’ second division (PS4 NPL 2), Hills United and Bankstown Berries, as they prepare to make their debuts in the Westfield FFA Cup Final Rounds.

Hills United, whose squad comprises a host of former and current Futsalroos including captain Greg Giovenali, take on Hakoah Sydney City East, coached by ex Scottish international Gavin Rae, who played in the 2008 FA Cup Final for Cardiff City.

Hills Brumbies

Bankstown Berries were one of the first football clubs formed in Sydney back in 1886, and the club that has seen the likes of Johnny Warren, Graham Arnold, Charlie Yankos and John Watkiss pass through their ranks, find themselves on the national stage hosting South Australia’s Round of 32 entrant MetroStars at Bankstown’s Jensen Park.

The Berries beat former NSL club Sydney Olympic to qualify for this stage and they will need to cause another upset to overcome a MetroStars side making their third straight Round of 32 appearance.

The night’s final match, which kicks off 30 minutes later, sees WA side Sorrento at home to last year’s semi finalists, Canberra Olympic.

FFA Cup crowd Canberra Olympic

Coached by former Perth Glory defender Jamie Harnwell, the Gulls will be hoping a vocal home crowd can give them the edge against a Canberra Olympic side led by cult figure, penalty taking goalkeeper Angelo Konstantinou. Ominously, Canberra Olympic currently sit six points clear at the top of their league table.

Opening night of the Westfield FFA Cup Round of 32 has traditionally become Member Federation night and with the clubs and players having the chance to add themselves to the growing list of Westfield FFA Cup folklore, it promises to be a night not to be missed.

On top of a full broadcast of the match between South Melbourne and Edgeworth Eagles, FOX SPORTS will have LIVE updates and crosses to the other three matches, which will also be streamed at https://www.foxsports.com.au/football/ffa-cup/live-stream.

For ticketing details on all four matches, click here.

Westfield FFA Cup 2017 Round of 32 – Match Day 1 Fixtures

South Melbourne v Edgeworth Eagles

Wednesday 26 July 2017

Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park (VIC) 

Kick-off: 8:00pm local (8:00pm AEST)

Referee: Alex King

Assistant Referee 1: George Lakrindis

Assistant Referee 2: Sarah Jones

Fourth Official: Jonathan Barreiro

Tickets: Click here for ticketing details

TV Broadcast: 7.30pm (AEST) Live and exclusive on FOX SPORTS (Channel 505)

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South Melbourne squad: 1.Nikola Roganovic (gk), 2.Shpetim Mala, 3.Kristian Konstantinidis, 4.Michael Eagar, 5.Luke Adams, 7.Nicholas Epifano, 8.Luke Pavlou, 9.Milos Lujic, 10.David Moreno, 11.Brad Norton, 12.Stefan Zinni, 15.Jesse Daley, 16.Josh Hodes, 17.Marcus Schroen, 18.Matthew Millar, 21.Zaim Zeneli (gk), 22.Andrija Kecojevic, 23.Matthew Foschini, 27.Leigh Minopoulos, 91.Giordano Marafioti

Edgeworth Eagles squad: 1.Josh Low (gk), 2.Daniel McBreen, 3.Domenico Bizzarri, 4.Patrick Wheeler, 5.Ayden Brice, 6.Lachlan Pasquale, 7.Bren Hammel, 9.Brody Taylor, 10.Kieran Sanders, 11.Dylan Holz, 12.Aden Gardner, 13.Aaron Oppedisano, 14.Adam Cawley, 15.Josh Evans, 16.Samuel Maxwell, 17.Keigo Moriyasu, 18.Will Bower, 19.Aaron McLoughlin, 20.Nate Cavaliere (gk), 21.Bailey Garland, 22.Joseph Melmeth

Hills United v Hakoah Sydney City East

Wednesday 26 July 2017

Lily Homes Stadium, Seven Hills (NSW) 

Kick-off: 8:00pm local (8:00pm AEST)

Referee: Ben Abraham

Assistant Referee 1: James Tesoriero

Assistant Referee 2: Matthew McOrist

Fourth Official: Kurt Ams

Tickets: Click here for ticketing details

Broadcast: Streamed LIVE at https://www.foxsports.com.au/football/ffa-cup/live-stream

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Hills United squad: 1.Roberto Maiorana (gk), 3.Nico Pradenas Meza, 5.Marcus Zarantonello, 6.Bradley Robertson, 7.Wade Giovenali, 8.Eoin Montford, 9.Sean Mitchell, 10.Jordan Parfait, 11.Daine Merrin, 12.Matthew Viera, 13.Michael Toscano, 15.Matias Toro Suazo, 16.Greg Giovenali, 17.Brendan Hoyer, 19.Glen Kelshaw, 21.Nikolas Dimitriadis, 22.Divan Laubscher, 24.Nathan Rayner, 28.Keiran Pace, 33.Benjamin Rodriguez, 35.Michael Glenfield, 45.Jacob Basden, 51.Joseph Yammine (gk), 69.Alastair Bruce (gk)

Unavailable: Joshua Stancic (gk) (broken thumb)

Hakoah Sydney City East squad: 1.Anthony Bouzanis (gk), 4.Bradley Walker, 5.Dylan Blumberg, 6.Cameron Draper, 7.Aleksandar Lekoski, 8.Paul Orgad, 9.Neil Jablonski, 10.Andre De Jong, 12.Jack Green, 14.Anthony Frangie, 15.Dean Bereveskos, 16.Oliver Green, 17.Gideon Sweet, 18.Harry Jones, 19.Gavin Rae, 21.Julian Rinaldi, 23.Steven Katsionis, 25.Dau Akol, 27.Nathan Roberts, 32.Joshua Orchard, 33.Connor Shaddock, 36.Lee Jones, 38.Finley Hayhurst, 40.Michael Kouta, 45.Michael Figueira (gk)

Bankstown Berries v MetroStars

Wednesday 26 July 2017

Jensen Park, Bankstown (NSW)

Kick-off: 8:00pm local (8:00pm AEST)

Referee: Lachlan Keevers

Assistant Referee 1: Lance Greenshields

Assistant Referee 2: Kearney Robinson

Fourth Official: Kris Griffiths-Jones

Tickets: Click here for ticketing details

Broadcast: Streamed LIVE at https://www.foxsports.com.au/football/ffa-cup/live-stream

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Bankstown Berries squad: 1.Chad Taylor (gk), 2.Domenico Tripodi, 3.Daniel Di Ruocco, 4.Brandon Cook, 5.James Combes, 6.Mitchell Farmer, 7.Kyle Ewart, 8.Dominic Hudap, 9.Gavin Forbes, 10.Timothy Raftopoulos, 11.Andreas Vais, 12.Jake Bradshaw, 13.James Nicolaou, 15.Perry Moustakas, 16.Steven Drewery, 17.Daniel Fornito, 18.Dushaun Youlley, 19.Hyams Tomohiro, 20.Julian Bittar, 21.John Dimitrakas (gk), 24.Julian Lepore, 41.Michael Skourtis (gk)

MetroStars squad: 1.Isaac Carmody (gk), 2.Nicholas Menechella, 3.Cohan Morris, 4.Justin Davis, 5.Tim Henderson, 7.Michael D'Aloisio, 8.Rocky Callisto, 9.Jonathon Negus, 10.Liam Wooding, 12.Scott Tunbridge, 14.Martin Duku, 16.Alex Jakob, 17.Matthew Dawber, 18.Fabian Barbiero, 19.Joseph Polisena, 20.Daniel Godley (gk), 21.Adam Van Dommele, 22.Jarrod Moffa, 23.Christian Esposito

Unavailable: 6.Anthony Solagna (suspended – 1 match)

Sorrento v Canberra Olympic

Wednesday 26 July 2017

Percy Doyle Reserve, Duncraig (WA)

Kick-off: 6.30pm local (8:30pm AEST)

Referee: Adam Fielding

Assistant Referee 1: Josh Nixon

Assistant Referee 2: Arvin Shanmuganathan

Fourth Official: David Bruce

Tickets: Click here for ticketing details

Broadcast: Streamed LIVE at https://www.foxsports.com.au/football/ffa-cup/live-stream

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Sorrento squad: 1.James Morgan (gk), 2.Jacob Shore, 4.Shaun Kilkenny, 6.Daryl Platten, 7.Alex Morgan, 8.Ryan Pearson, 9.Sean Canham, 10.Scott Bulloch, 11.Timothy Hill, 12.Joshua Tucker, 13.Steven McDonald, 14.Scott Witschge, 15.Brodie Martin, 16.Jackson Dongray, 17.Reece Vittiglia, 18.Jordan Brown, 19.Daniel Pearce, 20.Brad McDonald, 21.Sammy Byles, 22.Danny Jones, 24.Spiro Dimitriou, 60.Anthony Salpietro (gk), 60.Connor Campbell (gk)

Canberra Olympic squad: 1.Angelo Konstantinou (gk), 2.Tim Bobolas, 3.Josh Calabria, 4.Daniel Colbertaldo, 5.Phil Yarnold, 6.Jeremy Habtemariam, 7.Adrian Macor, 8.Bernard Rene, 10.Stephen Domenici, 11.Michael Reeve, 12.Rob Cattanach, 13.David Carder, 14.Callum Smith, 15.Tommy McLachlan, 16.Josh Gulevski, 17.Nick Bobolas, 18.Jordan Tskenis, 19.Brad Sawyer, 20.Jack Pettit (gk), 21.Jamie-Lee Guo (gk), 22.Michael John, 23.Nathen Megic, 24.Jackson Clement-McNee, 25.Dimitri Parascos, 99.Victor Yanes