FFA Cup 2017: who would play you in a movie?

If one of the federation clubs went on to win the Westfield FFA Cup in 2017, it would be one of the biggest stories in Australian football history.

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The kind of stuff that perhaps only Hollywood scriptwriters could dream up.

But in the Westfield FFA Cup anything can happen and dreams can come true.

So we asked a few of the participants ahead of the Round of 32 to find out who would play them in the movie if their club was to go all the way.  

Daine Merrin - Hills United Brumbies

“Probably Matthew McConaughey. Maybe not so much looks wise but I can see that he could show off my chilled-out side.

“Then he’d also be able to do the very aggressive side that comes out once I’m out on the field as well.”

Actor Matthew McConaughey and Hills United Brumbies skipper Daine Merrin.

Jordan Murdoch - Gold Coast City

“Since I’m Scottish I’d have to say Mel Gibson.

“He doesn’t look like me but he does a good Scottish accent in Braveheart.”

Josh Piddington - Broadmeadow Magic

I’ve had many resemblances to Connor McGregor.

“You would have to put him in the mix, he can seem to do anything.”

Connor McGregor and Josh Piddington of Broadmeadow Magic.

Nick Hegarty – Hume City

“I don’t know too many red-headed actors. Maybe Ron Weasley [played by Rupert Grint] from Harry Potter.”

Jamie Carroll - FNQ Heat

I have no idea. Maybe Johnathan Thurston…I’ve been told I look a lot like him.”

FNQ Heat attacker Jamie Carroll and rugby league star Johnathan Thurston.

Adam Piddick - Moreton Bay Jets

I think the boys would say Ryan Gosling.”

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Actor Ryan Gosling and Moreton Bay boss Adam Piddick.

Jimmy Culligan - Darwin Rovers

“Maybe Zinedine Zidane with his bald head. That would be nice!”

Darwin Rovers coach Jimmy Culligan and famous Frenchman Zinedine Zidane.

Chad Taylor - Bankstown Berries

“I’d go with Ben Affleck.”

Guest pick: Andrew Nabbout – Newcastle Jets

“I like Jake Gyllenhaal, he’s probably one of my favourite actors.

“He’s played sports roles before and he was a machine in [the movie] Southpaw. I’d like for him to play me.”

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal and Newcastle Jets' Andrew Nabbout.