Vote for your best goal and win 2018 FFA Cup Final tickets

Want to win two tickets to the 2018 FFA Cup Final?

All you have to do is vote for your favourite goal at the end of each round of the FFA Cup.

The FFA Cup Goal of the Year award is launching in 2018 to promote to quality of our great competition from the very first game.

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How does it work?

Every goal filmed on camera from the Preliminary Rounds to the Semi-Final is eligible to win the FFA Cup 2018 Goal of the Year.

A panel will select the best 10 goals at the end of each round and fans will vote for their best goals that will then go into the final round of voting.

The final round of voting will consist of:

Preliminary Rounds - Best 3 goals
Round of 32 - Best 3 goals
Round of 16 - Best 2 goals
Quarter-finals - Best goal
Semi-finals - Best goal

How to participate

To enter the competition, all you need to do is cast your vote and answer in 25 words or less the following question.

What is the BEST part of the FFA Cup competition?

You can vote for your favourite goal and submit your response here.

What you can win

One lucky fan who votes on the winning goal AND has the best answer to the question wins two tickets the FFA Cup Grand Final plus flights and accommodation for two.

The player with the winning strike takes home the FFA Cup 2018 Goal of the Year trophy announced on Grand Final day. 

Where to find the goals

You can find the top 10 goals of each round here.

Be sure to follow @FFACup on Twitter and like the official FFA Cup page on Facebook.

Sydney FC lifting the 2017 FFA Cup trophy